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公司簡介 Company Profile

一制作有限公司是一間提供全方位服務的製作中心,涵蓋電視、電影、廣告、記錄片、培訓課程及工商業短片製作。由提案籌備、各方攝製工程、以致全面支援整合服務, 壹一都給予專業信用和卓越品質, 能充分發揮媒體的影響力, 並締造出理想的效益實現。

Videone Production Limited is a full service video and film production company inclusive of camera crew to post production. We develop and produce feature and documentary films, commercials, corporate and training videos, as well as marketing and promotional programs. In particular we specialize in corporate video productions for a wide range of clients and businesses, including conferences and live event coverage, training programs, sales presentations, e-learning and other services to meet your needs.

Videone Production Ltd is founded by a group of professional video and film producers - who are passionate for the art of filming. Our team is composed of professionals and experts from all aspects of the film industry: directors; cinematographers; editors; sound-effect technicians and production coordinators.

We provide outstanding and professional services to our clients, ranging from early planning, filming to final stage of production.

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